Easy Hacks To Fix QuickBooks Error 12029

QuickBooks error 12029 is connected with the issues underlying between the computer and the server of the software. This error notification appears at the time while updating the QuickBooks Desktop to its newest version. The problem arises at the time when the files of a computer are not configured correctly. Or, at the time, when there are some problems in the setup, which is creating the registry errors in the Operating System. So, if you are dealing with this annoying issue then, you don’t need to be scared about. Here, is the solution at your fingertips. Read the article carefully and resolve your problem with quick solutions.

Five major reasons behind Quickbooks error 12029

Here we are going to discuss some of the technical glitches which may be the result of error code 12029:

  • The problem may appear at the time when the internet connection is suffering the server issues
  • Network timeout problem is the other reason for the error code 12029
  • If the Internet Explorer browser is not the default browser of the user then, the problem may arise
  • Sometimes, the Firewall or the antivirus might be the reason behind error code 12029
  • If the Secure Socket Layer settings are not compatible, then the problem may appear

Some Efficient Solutions to Fix the Problem with the error code 12029

Now, we are going to focus on some simple and efficient solutions which will help you to fix the problem with QuickBooks update error 12029. Go through the below-mentioned section to help yourself out of this trouble:

Solution 1: Review the Settings of the Internet Explorer

You can get rid of the situation if you can tweak the Internet Explorer settings. The steps for which are mentioned here:

Step 1

At first, you have to close the QuickBooks Desktop and then, launch the Internet Explorer. After, opening it, click on the Tools option and then, tap on the Internet option.

Step 2

After, completing the previously mentioned steps go to the Security tab and then, click on the appearing Globe icon from your screen. After that, you have to be sure that the protection level for this territory is no higher than Medium-high. After that, follow the steps written below.

Step 3

Now, you have to click on the Never Dial a Connection option which you can find on the  Connections tab. If you don’t want to use the dial-up node or DUN on your computer. Otherwise, you can choose the exact ISP if you do. And click OK.

Step 4

After, completing the above-mentioned steps you have to click on the LAN settings. And then, you need to check the Automatically detect settings option is selected or not. After that, check out that if the Use a Proxy Server checkbox is clear or not. If it is selected, then document the complete address and port. If the port is other then port 80 then, you should not uncheck the Use a Proxy Server option. Or, if the port is port 80 then, you can clear the checkbox for testing purposes. And click to Ok.

Step 5

When, you have done with all the previously mentioned steps now, this is the time to select Restore Advanced Settings option. Which you can find on the Advanced tab. Then, locate Use TLS 1.2, which is located under the settings option and check if it is selected or not. And click on OK. Then, close Internet Explorer. But, remember sometimes you may not find this option on the Internet Explorer. Now, open the QuickBooks Desktop and attempt to update it again.

Solution 2: Try to reset the Program Update Settings  

If you failed to do the above-mentioned steps then, you should try the steps mentioned below.

  • At first, you have to click on the Update Now option
  • Then, click on the Reset Update checkbox
  • After that, select the Get Updates button
  • Now, you will get the update notification. This will help you to get rid of the situation

Solution 3: Manually update your QuickBooks

You can update the QuickBooks manually to get rid of the issue. Here are the steps to do it:

  • At first, you need to navigate the latest and exclusive updated released web page
  • And you need to be sure that, the outputs of the user are selected.
  • If you did not select the QuickBooks product and move on to the change link option
  • After that, you have to click on the update option
  • After, downloading the content, you will need to install the downloaded file


So, this was all about the beneficial solutions which will help you to get rid of the issue of the QuickBooks error 12029. Follow the steps to fix the issue. If you have any more questions regarding this topic then, you can drop a message in our comment section.

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