QuickBooks Error 6147 | Amazing Hacks To Fix It

QuickBooks, being one of the most widely-used accounting software is definitely high in demand in recent times. There is no denying the fact that QuickBooks application is essentially useful and indeed the most effective software in terms of accounting and business management. It even comes with advanced accounting and business management applications. However, that definitely does not mean that it is entirely free from glitches. As it holds, no technical device, however advanced and upgraded it may be, can be without fault.  And, in this article, we are going to talk about one such issue with regard to the QuickBooks Software application: QuickBooks error 6147.

QuickBooks error 6147 is one of the most common issues that the users run into. You might run into the error while trying to open or access the original files or backups of a client. In this article, we are going to impart to you in-depth knowledge about the causes and nature of the error. In addition to this, we are going to guide you through the measures you can adopt in order to get rid of the same.

Potential Causes Responsible For QuickBooks Error Code  6147

It is important to acquire proper knowledge about the potential causes behind the occurrence of QuickBooks Error 6147. Because, unless you know the causes behind a particular error, it shall not be possible to detect and resolve it. Therefore in this section, we are going to shed light on some of the major causes responsible for the error.

As for the causes, one of the most prominent factors is a corrupt company file. That is, if a particular file of the company is detected as corrupted with a (.QBW) extension or even damaged, then it is quite likely that you may run into QuickBooks error 6147.  While this is one of the primary causes for the error to creep up, it is definitely not the sole cause. For the error can even be caused if the name of your backup file is extremely large. This is because, if the name exceeds beyond 210 characters, which is the maximum word limit set, then it is quite likely for you to confront the error under discussion. Additionally, if you try to retrieve the company file by means of (.QBB) extension from a network drive, then that might be a potential cause for the QuickBooks error 6147 to trigger.

How To Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 6147 In Minutes

Now that you are aware of the potential causes behind the QuickBooks error 6147, resolving it should not be a big deal for you. And, in case, you are not much conversant with the technical aspects or facing such an error, don’t worry. The purpose of this article is to help you out. In this section, we are going to offer you a thorough guide about the feasible solutions that you should undertake to prevent such errors further. Therefore, drive out all your worries and continue reading our article thoroughly as we now provide you with the aptest workarounds to fix the glitch.

Fix 1: Try Using QuickBooks File Doctor

This is indeed the easiest and by far one of the most effective workarounds. QuickBooks File Doctor is actually an inbuilt tool, that has been integrated into QuickBooks software. This tool is enormously effective in fixing any issue pertaining to the data file of the company. That is, if in case, the company data file is corrupt or is detected with any network-related issue, then you can resolve the issue in no time by means of the tool under discussion. All you must do is download the tool and install it. QuickBooks File Doctor will effectively detect the error and rectify it in no time.

Fix 2: Retrieve your File to a Separate Location

The method we shall now offer is applicable if the issue is caused due to an error in the name of the backup file. All you need to do under such conditions is to retrieve the file in a different location. However, there is no need for you to panic as the process is pretty simple. Simply follow the undermentioned steps.

First and foremost, you make sure that your system does not hold multi-user access. After that, you must retrieve the backup that you have saved on your system . Once done, check thoroughly whether the issue is still persisting, if it does, there must be something wrong with the name of your company file. And, you need to check whether your file name has exceeded more than 120  characters. If so, then you must change the name of your company file. Try to shorten up the name of the file so that it does not exceed the word limit. And, once that is done, please check whether the issue has been resolved.

Fix 3: Save the Problematic Backup File to a Different Location

In case, the solutions we cited above did not prove effective for you, you can try out other workarounds to resolve the glitch. If in case, your backup file is detected with a problem because you have saved the file in the network drive, then you can resolve the glitch by simply saving your file in a different location.  At the same time, you can take recourse to the same measure if you land up into any other problem with your backup file. However, you need to be particular about the location where you save your file. On that note, please ensure that you use a different computer system locally in order to save your files. This process is also quite easy to execute. Simply follow the steps cited below.

First and foremost, you need to check that your system is not hosted. After you do this, you need to access the QuickBooks software and press on the File Menu. Once done, you must choose Utilities. After you do this if you come across the option of Stop Hosting Multi-User in your list, then you must proceed with the undermentioned steps.

First, you must secure access to Hosting Multi-User. The moment you do this, a window will pop up on your system. As soon as the window pops you, you need to instantly press on the Yes option.

Additional Steps

As soon as you press on Yes, another window will pop up. When the second window shows up, you must click again on the Yes option. However, before doing so, please make sure that the company file is closed. If not, please close it before proceeding further. That’s it! Now you may retrieve the existing backup file, which is present on your machine.

The steps we cited above are teated, and therefore, you can apply them to effectively resolve the glitch. By means of these steps, you can easily fix the QuickBooks error code 6147 in no time


As we all know that QuickBooks is one of the most effective accounting and business management software. And so, it is quite natural it is going to be immensely useful in managing your business And, as such, you cannot leave QuickBooks error 6147 unattended for long. Because, if you do so, it is only going to damage your software permanently and surely you won’t want that.  So, in case you are facing QuickBooks error 6147 for quite some time now, we strongly recommend you to try out these proven workarounds and drive out your issue once and for all.

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