QuickBooks File Doctor: Repair Company Files Including Network Errors

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QuickBooks File Doctor is a tool that helps you to troubleshoot all the problems in the QuickBooks application. This integrated tool is available in QuickBooks 2016 or above versions.

If you are noticing some network errors while launching this application, then you can use the tool to resolve it. You can also use this tool to prevent your company data from becoming unrecoverable. 

Here, we are about to discuss all the details of the QuickBooks Doctor tool. You will also get additional steps to recover the QuickBooks file. So, follow all the sections very carefully that are given below. 

QuickBooks File Doctor Download Procedure 

QuickBooks File Doctor Download Procedure 

In order to download the QuickBooks File Doctor tool, you need to have the QuickBooks application on your computer. Now go through the steps to begin the downloading process.

  • Close the QuickBooks application and open your web browser. Download the tool from a secure website. Make sure that you know your download location from where you can find the setup file.
  • Access the Downloads location and double-click on the executable file (qbfd.exe) to agree to the terms and conditions before installing it. After that, follow the onscreen instructions to complete the File Doctor installation process.
  • The shortcut icon on the explorer will appear, so double-click on it to open the tool. 

As the download and installation prtocess is now over, you can run the application and fix the QuickBooks issues. If you are facing the Error 6150 while running the QuickBooks application, the tool will fix it with ease.

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How to Repair QuickBooks File?

How to Repair QuickBooks File?


According to many users, it is possible to repair the damaged files with the help of this File Doctor tool. Let’s take a look at the steps to repair files using this software.

Open the tool and search for the company files which you want to repair by clicking on the “Browse” option. Now you will see multiple options containing radio buttons and checkboxes beside them. Locate the “Check file damage only” option and click on the radio button next to it. 

After that, click on the “Diagnose File” button and wait for some time until the operation ends. Before clicking this button verify that your company files are damaged or it exhibits 6150, H202, H505, 6130 and various other errors. If it is so, then click on “Check both file damage and network connectivity (Recommended)” instead. 

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The tool will now start repairing the damaged files. This process will take time depending upon the number of damaged files present on your system. After the procedure is over, the tool will show you the repaired files. 

Now, you will be able to open it with QuickBooks. If you are using more that one version of QuickBooks, then the application will prompt you to select amongst them. So, select the version with which version you want to open the file. 

Limitations of QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

Limitations of QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

According to QuickBooks users, the tool is quite effective in repairing every company file without any hiccups. But the application itself also has some limitations. They are as follows. 

  • The prerequisite file size for QuickBooks company data is less than 2 Gigabytes. 
  • Internet connections are mandatory when you are trying to repair the company files. 
  • You must log-in to the QuickBooks as an Administrator to access its features. 
  • The network connectivity diagnosis doesn’t repair the files if you are using multiple versions of QuickBooks on a single computer.

There is also a built-in File Doctor tool in the QuickBooks application itself. We advise you to take a look at the next section to know more about it.

Know about Built-in QuickBooks Doctor Tool

Know about Built-in QuickBooks Doctor Tool

The built-in File Doctor in QuickBooks detects the internal errors and launches the application automatically. Here are the steps by which you can use the tool. 

  • Launch the QuickBooks application without any company file. Then click on the File Menu and then move to the “Utilities” section. After that, click on the “Repair File” including the Network Problems.
  • Then the QuickBooks File Doctor will open. Thereafter, you need to click on the “Browse” tab to select the file that you want to diagnose and repair. 
  • Now select the “Show Advanced Settings” drop-down menu and choose the type of file you want to fix. After that, click on the “Next” button to enter the Admin id and password. 
  • Thereafter, run the diagnosis and wait for the process to end. Then open the diagnosed files and fix the ones that are damaged. 

We have given you all the necessary information about the diagnosis and repair procedures. Next, you need to know how to update QuickBooks and back up your data for future preferences. This is quite essential after repairing the files using the File Doctor. 

Update your QuickBooks Application and Backup Data

Update your QuickBooks Application and Backup Data

After the fixture of the company files, it is better that you back up the resolved data somewhere safe. You can use any external storage devices for backing your data or upload it to any cloud storage platform. 

We always advise you to update your QuickBooks application so you can use the latest and enhanced features in it. For this, open the application and click on the “Check for updates” option. 

If any new version is available, it will download the QuickBooks updates automatically. If not, then a message will appear stating the installed version is already the latest one.