QuickBooks Has Stopped Working: Easy Resolving Measures

QuickBooks is used for business-related tasks like managing sales reports, keeping track of daily transactions, creating an invoice for the customers, and so on. But, it exhibits certain glitches that can make QuickBooks stop. 

You can come across many problems while working with this accounting software. However, we will discuss all the necessary measures about resolving the error.

We will also cover the underlying causes and some top symptoms when QuickBooks doesn’t work. So, go through the solutions which are given below and resume working on this software. 

QuickBooks not Responding- Causes and Symptoms

The possible reasons why QuickBooks has stopped working are given below. They are as follows. 

Top Causes:

  • Corrupted executable file
  • Syncing issues with lengthy names
  • Bad sectors in the hard disk drive 
  • Damaged program files
  • Corrupted Operating System

Some Common Symptoms:

Now, look at the list of symptoms that are given below.

  • System shutting down unexpectedly.
  • QuickBooks application quits abruptly.
  • Computer freezes and devices (keyboard, mouse) start lagging.
  • The application refuses to open.

Now that you know why QuickBooks not responding when opening on your computer, let’s dive into the troubleshooting processes. 

Troubleshooting Steps to Make QuickBooks Work Again

Now we will look upon various methods that will resolve the situation when QuickBooks not opening. The methods are as follows. 

Step 1: Download and Install QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool 

Download and Install QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool 

The QuickBooks diagnostic tool is quite effective to fix all the errors in the application. In order to run the tool, you need to go through these points. 

  • Download the QuickBooks diagnostic tool from the official website, then install the application. 
  • Before running the application, close all the active programs running on your computer. 
  • Double-click to run the application, then follow the on-screen instructions to start the diagnosis process.
  • The elapsed time will depend upon the configuration of your computer. So, it will take some time to repair the corrupted or damaged installation files.
  • When the process of fixing is done, restart your Operating System.

If the problem still persists, then there are some more troubleshooting measures you should follow next.

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Step 2: Repair or Delete the QBWUSER.INI System File

Repair or Delete the QBWUSER.INI System File

Deleting the file will completely remove certain information/data from your system drive. So renaming it will be a better idea.

  • Press the Windows +E key together to open “My Computer”. Now you will see the “Organize” option. 
  • Select the “View” option and then move to the “Advanced Settings”. Now, choose the “Hidden Files and Folders” and then select “OK”.
  • Now open “My Computer” and access the system drive. Click on the name of your folder and double-click to open the “Local Settings”. Then open the “Application Data” folder, “Intuit”, and “QuickBooks”. 
  • Next, find the QBWUSER.INI system file. Right-click on this file to rename it. 

If you want to delete the file, you can do that by following the same process above. The only change is to select the “Delete” option instead of “Rename”.

We advise you to assign a reasonable length for the name so that the application can sync it easily without any hiccups. Now start the QuickBooks application and open the same company file to see whether the problem persists. 

Step 3: Remove and Re-install the Application

Remove and Re-install the Application

One of the easiest ways to resolve the situation where QuickBooks not responding while opening the application. 

In such scenarios, it is best to remove the application completely. Then install the fresh executable file from scratch. 

For applying this method, access the “My Computer” and go to the list of applications that are installed on your computer. Select QuickBooks and click on the “Uninstall or change” option. Wait for some time until the task is complete. Then, restart your computer to save changes. 

Now download the “.exe” file from the official site of QuickBooks. Follow all the on-screen instructions to install it perfectly. Start the application and open the particular company file that you are working on. 

We recommend you to use genuine Quicksbook software to avoid such problems. In case, if you download the setup file from any third-party webpage, ensure that the site is secured and the executable file doesn’t contain any viruses. Besides, don’t close the downloader until the download process is over. Somehow, if you interrupt the process of downloading or installing QuickBooks, we advise you to repeat it one more time.