Get To Know The Quickbooks Registration Error And The Effective Fixes

Each and every time you install the Quickbook Desktop, you need to register on the website. Please take into account that you have several copies of QuickBooks Desktop, you have to register or active for each of them. This article will thus, act as a user guide for the easy fixes of QuickBooks Registration Error. Quickbook enables users to register for the software within the first 30 days of purchase or download it to ease the process. In the registration process, QuickBooks will give you a registration number which the users will enter into the files. Using the registration number, you can activate the software. However, if the DAT file gets infected with malware, you rewrite it from the beginning with the help of several apps.

Activate QuickBooks Desktop

Before activating QuickBooks desktop, tap on the F2 key or Ctrl + 1 in order to examine whether it is activated or not. If the status is activated, then you are good to go. Otherwise, move ahead with the activation. If you receive the error The Validation Code is Incorrect, then examine whether the code entered is correct. Moreover, do check license as well as the product name. It might happen that the product number is not matching with the license number. In that case, you have to modify the product number before moving ahead with the activation.  

Different Causes and their Feasible Fixes

Let’s have a look at the major errors and their effective fixes:


System Date and Time Settings are incorrect

Effective Fix

1. Shut down the QB Desktop and also the files.

2. Then, just right-click the time display present on the windows taskbar. Select Adjust Date/Time.

3. Press Date and Time tab and choose the present year’s date.

4. Press Supply and then click OK.

5. Then, open the QB desktop and move to the Help tab. Next, click on Activate Quickbooks. After that, click on Activation. Now, the Registration for Quick Start will start.

6. Immediately provide the validation code and then press Next.


The ecml file is not set properly

Effective Fix

When you are installing QuickBooks Desktop, you need to provide the license number and the product code in order to finish the installation. After that, validate the copy of the QuickBooks. However, if there is an encrypted file along with the infected information, QuickBooks will not open and then, you will receive an error message. In those cases, deleting the entitlement file and providing the license as well as the product information to overcome this issue.

Delete EntitlementDataStore.ecml file

1. You need to close the QB desktop.

2. Make sure the QB processes are not all running.

3. From the keyboard, just click Ctrl + Shift + Esc in order to open the Task Manager.

4. For Windows 10 press More Details to display the Task Manager.

5. Then press on Process tab.

6. You need to sort the process alphabetically by pressing the process name header button.

7. Then, open the Entitlement Data Folder for both operating systems as well as several QuickBooks versions.

8. Click on Windows +R button on your keyboard in order to open the Run Window.

9. Then you will enter C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8 and then press Enter.

10. After that just right-click on the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file and choose Delete option.

11. Then, press Yes in order to confirm or maybe you wish to delete the file.

12. Hover on to the company file and go through the generic guideline, in order to register the application.


MSXML is not getting activated

Effective Fix:

You can activate the MSXML with the help of the following commands for the 64-bit operating system.

1. You need to type the Start menu and then “cmd”.

2. After that right-click and choose Run as Administrator.

3. Provide the following path in the in the prompt


4. Provide Regsvr32 MSXML.dil and then click on Enter.

You can register MSXML using the following command for the 32-bit operating system

1. You need to press Windows key +R in order to open the Run Window.

2. Provide CMD and then click on Enter.

3. Then provide Regsvr32 MSXML-4.dil and then click on Enter.

4. After that, provide Regsvr32 MSXML-6.dil and then click on Enter.


QBInstall Tool is not properly configured

Effective Fix:

You need to Run the  QBInstall Tool to combat the QuickBooks Registration Error. If you cannot install the QB desktop, you have to follow the QuickBooks Installation Diagnostics Tool. This specific tool is built to determine and fix the problems associated with C++, .NET Framework, and many more. Before starting any manual step to combat this problem, this tool is advisable since it minimizes the time required to solve this problem.


Problem using Windows Administrator

Effective Fix:

You need to create a new Windows Administrator. Sometimes it is significant to use new windows users to remove user control damage. Henceforth, to achieve that, and to overcome QuickBooks Registration Error, follow the below steps

1. Hover on to the Start option in the taskbar and press Settings.

2. Choose accounts and then press Family as well as other users.

3. Under the Other User tab, press Add another person to the computer.

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and then press Add users without a Microsoft account.

5. Provide account name.

6. Press Finish option and you will find the new account is ready for the standard user.

7. Then press newly created account and press Account type.

8.  Navigate to the drop-down list and choose Admin.

9. Press OK.

10. Eventually, just open the QB desktop and navigate to the Help tab. Then click on Activate Quickbooks and press Start Activation.

Final Remark

We hope this article will give you deep insight into several QuickBooks Registration Error as well as their effective fixes. By following the above steps, you can easily identify different errors and by following the particular steps you can easily get away with it. Finally, go through the user manual for any kind of issues.

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