Quickbooks Won’t Open Company File? Resolved With Effective Hacks

Quickbooks is an accounting application that is generally used for business purposes. However, there might be certain circumstances where users find that Quickbooks won’t open company files

Most of the Quickbooks users encounter this situation when they are about to perform certain basic functions on Quickbooks. 

Once this problem appears, users are not able to continue any task in Quickbooks. In fact, the device freeze periodically. Some of the users have reported that their device starts to lag and respond quite slowly to the mouse and keyboard instructions.

If you are currently encountering the same situation, then you might require to implement a few troubleshooting measures to sort out the matter in no time.

Why Does Quickbooks Won’t Open?

There can be various factors responsible for the Quickbook error. However, the most annoying factors involve:

  • Corrupted or missing Quickbooks company file.
  • Using an incorrect way to invoke a specific file type.
  • Certain complications with the reports in the file.
  • The file might be initiated by any other user on a network.
  • Corruption within the data file.
  • Using an outdated or obsolete version of Quickbook software.
  • Certain technical bugs with the *QBW.TLG.

Error Notification that are Involved with Quickbook

There can be multiple error notifications that appear along with the “Quickbooks is unable to open this company file” error. Some of the most common error notifications include:

  • 6000 series of mistakes. For example -6189, -6144, -6123, or -6000”.
  • “Unrecoverable error messages”.
  • QuickBooks Error -6073, -816
  • “C= messages like C=422 or C=343”.
  • 3371 which defines that the Quickbook installation is damaged”.
  • QuickBooks Error -6073, -99001
  • HXOX Error (H202 or H505)
  • “Quickbooks crashes when opening company file”.

Prerequisite Before Proceeding with the Troubleshooting Measures

Check out the underlying points before you proceed to resolve the “Quickbook cannot open company file” error.

  • You need to be sure that the problem is with the company file and not with the application.
  • Also, ensure that you are using the latest version of the Quickbooks.
  • The Quickbook oriented files and folders should not be damaged or corrupted.
  • Specifically, a single machine should host the Quickbook company file.

Solutions to Resolve Quickbooks Won’t Open Company File

Try to implement the undermentioned methods in the exact order if any of the above messages appear before using any kind of Quickbook repair tool.

Try to Invoke the File Directory from Quickbooks

Initially, we suggest you to invoke the file directory from Quickbooks. In order to proceed with this task, press the CTRL key along with the Quickbooks icon. Keep holding the combination keys unless the Quickbooks files will initiate.

After you access the Quickbooks program, be sure that a single device is hosting the company file. However, if not, then you should close all the other sever that invoke the company file. 

In order to disable the hosting in other machines follow the instructions underneath.

Instructions for Single User:

  • Head over the “File” and initiate the “Utilities”.
  • Next, choose the “Stop Hosting Multi-User Access” option.
  • Hit the “Yes” button when you are prompt to confirm the action.

Instructions for Multi-User:

  • Invoke the “No Company Open” window and select the “File” from the appeared menu.
  • Head over to the “Utilities” and be sure that the “Host multi-user access” is shown.
  • Now, choose an option that indicates to stop multi-user access hosted on any device.
  • Thereafter, follow the further guidelines in order to complete the process successfully.

After accomplishing the above instructions, make an attempt to invoke the company file and verify whether the “Quickbooks cannot open company file” error notification gets removed.

Initiate Quickbooks File from Another Machine

If the first method doesn’t give you the desired result, then you can try to initiate the Quickbook files from another machine. To do the task, you can carry out these instructions.

  • Head over to the Quickbooks file menu and choose the “Restore or Open company”.
  • Afterwards, choose the appropriate option in order to write the problematic file.
  • Now, browser the location of the file that you are attempting to initiate.
  • Choose the file from the context menu and hit the “Open” button.

Ignore Quickbooks Desktop Windows from Automatically Launching

If there are various windows launched in the company file, then keep them aside from automatically opening.

  • Navigate to the “Company” window and choose the “Company file” from the main menu. 
  • If the Login screen comes up, enter the security key and press the combination of the ALT and OK.
  • Keep pressing those combination keys, keeps unless the company files invoke.

After executing these instructions, if you are able to launch the company file without facing any sorts of hassle, then go through these instructions.

  • Navigate to the “Edit” section and choose the “Preferences” from the appeared menu.
  • Thereafter, locate and choose the “Desktop View”.
  • In the next step, hit the “Don’t Save Desktop” and hit the “OK” button.
  • From the confirmation menu, choose the “Yes” button.

Rename the .ND and .TLF File

A majority of users claim that after they renamed the .ND and .TKF files, they find that the error has been removed from their device. To proceed with this action, follow these steps:

  • Launch the “Company File” and search for the “Transaction log file”.
  • After you locate this file, proceed to right-click on it and rename it to (company file name)OLD.qbw.
  • Take the step for.TLG file extrusion.
  • After you perform these steps, the Quickbook will create the .ND and .TLG files automatically.

Save the Company File to a New Location

In order to save the company file to a new location, follow the instructions underneath:

  • Make an attempt to built a new folder in C: drive
  • Then, launch the folder where the company file is stored.
  • Press the CTRL while selecting the company file Quickbooks and corresponding .TLG of the qbw
  • Proceed to right tap and select the option titled “Copy”.
  • Invoke a new folder and select the “Paste” button.

Review the Properties and File Extensions

In this procedure, we suggest you review the properties and file extensions. To do so, follow the instructions undermentioned.

  • Open the “Company file” and hit the “Properties” button to invoke the window.
  • After accessing the “Properties” window, be sure that the Quickbook company file and other related file sizes are at least 7MB.
  • Head over to the “Advanced” section and deselect the Compress and Encrypt checkboxes.
  • Save the new changes by tapping on the “Apply” button as well as the “OK” button.

Even after performing all the above-mentioned methods, if the Quickbooks won’t open company file error message still appears, then try to reinstall the Quickbook software.